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Can't change the old furniture? Then you have to look at these maintenance tips
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Date: 2020-03-25
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Author: topplus
Painted furniture, such as writing desks, bookcases, doors and windows, large wardrobes, etc. The gloss of the painted surface becomes dark after using it for a long time. Get rid of lacquer.
Many people have a feeling of being old. Even if they buy a new house, they still ca n’t bear to buy some old furniture in the past, and hope to continue to use it, but the old furniture and the new house often do n’t match. What should we do at this time? The furniture is well maintained so that it does not look much different from the new furniture. So today, the editor of will tell you some maintenance tips for old furniture, and the old owners can take it away! 1. Let the paint surface return to gloss. Painted furniture, such as writing desks, bookcases, doors and windows, large wardrobes, etc. The gloss of the painted surface becomes dark after using it for a long time. At this time, you can brew a pot of strong tea, and dip it in a soft cloth after cooling Scrubbing the painted surface will restore the original luster and make the furniture old and new. 2, remove old furniture old paint. If you want to repaint the oil color of old wooden furniture, here are two methods for removing aging paint. The first is to use alkali to heat water to make a solution, and adjust it on the aging paint. After the lacquer becomes soft, use a Malian root brush to wash it. The second method is to buy a bag of developer for photo printing. After formulating the solution according to the instructions, add some more hot water to the furniture. The old paint will soon soften. You can remove it with a rag. Get rid of lacquer. 3. Maintenance of plastic veneer furniture. Water that accumulates on plastic veneer furniture should be wiped dry in time to prevent water from seeping in along the glue seam and bulging the edges of the board; at the same time, it should be kept away from radiators or stoves to avoid affecting the service life; Heat resistant, but also avoid hot water kettles or hot appliances directly installed; do not hit the panel with a hammer or cut things on the surface with a knife to avoid scratching. 4. Tightening and abrasion treatment of furniture sliding door. On the furniture such as bookcases and wardrobes, glass or wooden sliding doors are often installed. If the sliding door is tight or seriously worn, you can use the following methods: Drop some wax in the drop-down slot of the sliding door. For wax dripping, the wax can also be shaved and placed in a drop-down slot. Due to the lubricating effect of the wax, the sliding door will slide freely. If the drawer in the furniture is tight, this method can also be used to lubricate, which is easy to use and can make the furniture wear-resistant. 5, stains of old furniture clean. The furniture has been used for a long time, and many stains will inevitably be left on it. If it is rattan or bamboo products that have been used for a long time, they will discolor and cause scale. Burning matter such as soot or unextinguished matches can sometimes leave burn marks on the painted surfaces of furniture. If the paint is only burnt, you can use a thin hard cloth on the toothpick to gently wipe the marks, and then apply a layer of wax to remove the burn marks. Making tea on a fire-proof coffee table will leave unsightly over time. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe with the foil paper in the cigarette case, and then scrub with water, you can easily remove the tea stains.
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