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5 places in China to get perfect Autumn feeling | 5个最能感到受秋天的地方
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Date: 2020-03-25
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Author: topplus
Today marks the autumn equinox, the official date astronomers use to mark the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere. It is not everywhere that you can get this close to a harvest scene!


Today marks the autumn equinox, the official date astronomers use to mark the beginning of fall in the northern hemisphere. Meteorologists on the other hand usually use September 1st to mark the first day of autumn. The Chinese lunar calendar however sets the start of autumn, also known as Liqiu, as August 7th this year. Yet most of us just “know” it’s autumn when the leaves turn brown and the weather starts to get cooler.

In China autumn is often seen as the perfect season when it is neither too hot nor too cold. To help get you into that autumn mood and to celebrate China’s “perfect” season we’ve posted some pictures along with some advice on how to enjoy this time of the year.


Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue, Beijing
Tip: Take a camera and go there with your date, friends or family members in late autumn.

The path along the wall of Diaoyutao State Guesthouse is a favorite place among locals and photographers to visit in autumn. Ginkgo trees flank the path where photographers try to capture autumn’s charm. If you visit in late autumn, you may find the path blanketed with ginkgo leaves, or an autumn breeze may blow the leaves into the air.


It is said that the ginkgo trees in the Diaoyutai area were the first to be planted in the city, so people often call it “Ginkgo Avenue”.

Qixia Mountain, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Tip: Be an early bird and visit first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds. You will easily be intoxicated with its long history and the tranquil surroundings.

Situated in the age-old city of Nanjing, Qixia Scenic Area presents classical beauty for tourists to enjoy in autumn.

Hanging around the Qixia Temple or going up the Qixia Mountain, you have a chance to admire the natural scene created by autumn and soak up in the rich history of the hill. Ancient pavilions or pagodas loom through the branches of maple trees, each enhancing the other’s beauty.

The Qixia Mountain is also reputed to be “the most elegant mountain of Jinling” by Emperor Qianlong.

Red Beach, Panjin city, Liaoning Province
Tip: Take a photo to contrast nature and industry as a souvenir.

Between September and October each year, a beach in Panjin, a city in northeast China’s Liaoning Province, is transformed into crimson red. Seepweed grows red along its shore, turning it to a sea of red.

The wetland is home to 260 species of birds, including the precious red-crowned crane.

Kanas Lake, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Tip: You may wear more when you visit the Kanas Lake area. Its water surface is 1,374 meters above sea level.

Located where China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia all meet, Kanas Lake is believed to have been formed around 200,000 years ago as a result of glacier movements.

Autumn is possibly the best time for tourists to visit the Kanas Lake area. A cozy environment and fascinating natural scenery have helped it earn the title of “the Photographers’ Heaven”.

From the nearby mountain, visitors can see the crystal clear crescent-shaped lake down below, reflecting the sky, the mountains and the trees. If you don’t come to Kanas and see it for yourself, it can be hard to believe that the scenes, often depicted in oil paintings, exist in reality.


Ethnic Dong people’s villages, Guizhou Province
Tip: You’d better keep your phone powered down and enjoy a slow day.

Tired of a tight tourist schedule on a group tour? You can choose to stay several days in Dong people’s traditional villages in southwest Guizhou Province during autumn. This is the perfect place to put away annoying morning alarm clocks, and enjoy the absence of noisy commuters around you.

Wake up and pull back the curtains, what you see first are paddy fields where Dong people are busy with the autumn harvest. It is not everywhere that you can get this close to a harvest scene!

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