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Live: Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with us!
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Date: 2020-03-25
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Author: topplus
To watch the live show of our special Dragon Boat Festival program, please tap on the following QR code to go to the live page. Is Spring Festival the only big event worth celebrating anymore?

To watch the live show of our special Dragon Boat Festival program, please tap on the following QR code to go to the live page.  

Watch live: 

On the night of the festival, 20:30~21:30 BJT on Jun 9. 

Just after you’ve eaten your zongzi and want to feel some of that special festival atmosphere. 

It is my new colleague John’s first year in China. As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, I asked him:

“Hey John, do you know what is Dragon Boat?” 

He said  “ Not really, but, maybe like this?”

I was like 

Actually, the dragon boat is like this…

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and statutory holiday in China. The festival occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar, hence is often called as the Double Fifth Festival.

So, what have you got planned for Dragon Boat Festival? Yet another clichéd meal of soggy supermarket zongzi, followed by nostalgic talk about the traditions we used to enjoy back in the good old days? Is Spring Festival the only big event worth celebrating anymore? Or are you freaking out over how to properly pass Dragon Boat Festival? If any of the above applies to you – you need to stick with CCTVNEWS for your festival plans!

CCTVNEWS is proud to present a special live show that will surely add more color, more action and more fun to the night. Many interesting guests will be taking part, including some dear international friends who will probably get to experience a Dragon Boat Festival even more authentic than yours!

Many of those old traditions that you thought existed only in your childhood memories will be brought back from the past for our live show. Making Zongzi? Check! Dragon boat racing? Check! Hanging bags of herbs to drive away illness? Or for the very brave, drinking traditional Chinese medicinal wine—with a scorpion soaked in it? All of the above: Check, check, check! 

Even better, all of the above are going to be involved in a competition between our guests, so let the games begin!

Most importantly, CCTVNEWS’ special show is all LIVE! And you, our lovely audience, are the stars of the show! You are encouraged to get involved and rate the performances of our special guests (be kind!). What’s more, all of our guests will be interacting with YOU during the show – if you have any requests while you watch, let us know! 

Jessica, 白洁

Jessica Beinecke "白洁" refers to herself as a “bubbly blonde video blogger fluent in Mandarin.” Known as @Jessica白洁 on Sina Weibo, she has a special connection with her Chinese social media followers, aged 15 to 35. They’re interested in English slang and American culture, and Jessica certainly knows how to deliver. Her daily online videos have generated over 70 million views and 1.5 billion social media impressions. Jessica has continually produced daily digital content for a millennial Chinese audience for five consecutive years –including video blogs OMG美语, Crazy Fresh Chinese and Food Fashion Fun. She is based in New York City, but is very excited to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival in Beijing this year. She looks forward to learning how to make "zongzi" for the first time ever, and learn more about how her Sina Weibo fans celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with their families.


Dominic Johnson-Hill, who has lived in Beijing for 23 years, is the father of four daughters and is the founder of creative apparel brand Plastered 8.


I'm Murong. I'm a student at the Communication University of China. I was an exchange student in Europe for half a year. I've been a volunteer teacher in both China and Sri Lanka. I have great passion for teaching, and I really hope to be a helpful teacher in the near future.


Troy, known as @爱英语斯坦 on Weibo, is dedicated to becoming the most interesting cross-cultural blogger on Weibo. He’s an English teacher and amateur footballer.

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