Windows are escape routes for self-rescue

Issuing time:2020-03-25 11:44

The autumn is high, the air is dry, the sky is dry, and the household appliances are used frequently and for a long time in the home. In this issue of the safety warning column, the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau reminds you that in the fall, you must always pay attention to fire prevention, and constantly rectify and investigate the fire hazards around you. Eliminate the "time bomb" around you. Keep the aisle clean and tidy, and do not pile up debris in order to facilitate unimpeded escape in the event of an emergency. When a fire occurs, windows are an important means of escape and self-rescue and fire rescue. Therefore, do not block the windows with large and heavy furniture, and do not pile up sundries. If you install anti-theft windows, it is best to reserve air-conditioning installation in advance. Hole or special escape hole, and keep the key in a safe place. Don't leave when boiling water or cooking, and don't forget the cooking in progress. Flammables such as cooking oil, towels, rags, etc., should be placed far away from the stove. Shutters, curtains, etc. should not be hung above the stove. Range hoods should be cleaned regularly because the oil and stains on them are flammable. Develop good habits. Unplug electrical appliances or unused appliances should unplug the power plug. Do not smoke in bed or on the sofa. The elderly or patient in bed should smoke. Someone should take care of them. If there are other things temporarily, the cigarette butts should be turned off before leaving. Keep matches, lighters, etc. out of the reach of children, and do not allow children to turn on gas stoves (liquefied gas stoves) at home. Do not allow appliances and equipment to work with illness. When using household appliances, check before use and maintain after use to avoid fires caused by aging of the line, long-term disrepair, frequent handling, and broken wires. During overhaul of electrical circuits, it is best to suspend the use if there is over-frequency of the power supply, to prevent the internal temperature of the electrical appliance from rising sharply, which will cause the components such as the motor to overheat and burn and catch fire.





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